Living a healthy lifestyle gets easier when you start cooking from home and become adjusted to the foods you can eat and those that you no longer want to have. The pounds melt away and you just feel better overall. While it does get easier, there are times when it is a bit of a struggle, especially when the holidays roll around.

From Halloween to New Years, there are a lot of temptations—from candy to pastries to parties and celebrations. You’d have to be super human to resist all that’s coming your way over the next few months.

So let’s get started with what’s right around the corner …


I’ve put together a few tips to help you from getting tricked into eating treats you really don’t want.

Attend a Halloween Event

Instead of trick-or-treating with the kids or grandkids on Halloween night, consider going to an event. There might be a family-friendly Halloween party you can go to that will have approved snacks, or you can go to your church or another place nearby with more activities and less emphasis on all the candy and sweets. The ‘trick’ here is to celebrate Halloween in a way that’s fun for everyone, but doesn’t rely so much on just the candy.

Don’t Buy Candy You Like

It seems like a no-brainer, but when it comes to handing out candy this can often be our downfall. You’re staying home on Halloween, carving pumpkins, watching scary movies, and probably handing out candy to the neighborhood kids. Given past scares over homemade treats there’s no sense slaving over a hot stove. The other options are either small toys (which get pricey), glow sticks (which you can buy in bulk at stores like Ocean State Job Lot or warehouse clubs) or candy. If you decide on packaged candy, choose candy that’s not your favorite. Or buy gum that’s sweetened with zylitol that’s a healthier version and actually good for dental health. Stick with these options to decrease the risk of temptation.

Eat a Healthy Meal Before the Halloween Event

While many Halloween parties do have fruits and veggies or other healthy food options, there is no guarantee. So that you don’t eat chips and dip just because there isn’t anything else and you’re starving, eat before you leave the house. Have a healthy meal before heading out, then you’ll be less inclined to have a non-healthy appetizer because you’re hungry.

Get Rid of Candy Immediately After Halloween

If you have leftover candy in the house from Halloween, whether from handing it out to kids in the neighborhood or from your kids’ trick-or-treat bags, get read of it after Halloween is over. Have your kids create treat bags to give to their teachers at school as a thank-you, bring it to work and leave it in the break room for others to enjoy or donate to service men and women who are serving overseas.

Let’s face it, candy really is a treat. But the more we overindulge, the worse we’re going to feel. We both know it. The trick is to stop thinking you can have just one piece if you know you have a history of scarfing down five or six bags of M&Ms in one sitting. Use the tips I’ve laid out for you. That way we won’t be talking about how gross you feel when November 1st rolls around.

Do you have Halloween tips that help you stay on track? Please share them below. We’d love to hear about them and I, for one, can use all the help I can get.

Happy Halloween!