Did you know certain flowers have healing properties? There’s actually an entire science devoted to flower essence therapy. It was discovered by Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), who was a British physician, surgeon and bacteriologist. Dr. Bach theorized that the dew that collected on plants was more healing than the actual plant itself. 


The actual process places a flower or plant in water over a period of time in order to infuse the water with the flower or plant’s unique healing “imprint.” It was used to treat a variety of ailments suffered by Dr. Bach’s patients and is still widely used today.

The beauty of natural healing modalities is, if administered properly, there are no side effects. The body’s immune system is stimulated to induce healing. Flower essences mainly work on the mental/emotional level.

For example, the picture to the left is clematis, one of the 12 Healers. This flower essence is helpful for people who are day dreamers and have a hard time living in the moment (live in their own world / a space cadet). They can be creative but not use their gifts. They also tend to be non-confrontational, accident prone and have poor memory.

When balanced, they’re interested in the world and the enjoyment of life. They’re more productive artists/writers/designers/actors. They’re grounded, realistic, alert, energetic and sharp-minded.

Bach Flowers work directly on the emotional imbalance and indirectly on a physical issue if it is caused by the emotional imbalance. And it’s been my professional experience that most physical issues originate from unbalanced emotions.

Think about it: You’re overworked, over-scheduled and overwhelmed. Maybe you also have issues with your digestion. The two are so closely entwined that it’s nearly impossible to fix gut health without addressing the stress placed upon the emotions.

In Dr. Bach’s time, he created three categories of flower essences: Healers, Helpers and the 2nd Nineteen. There are 12 Healers, seven Helpers and then the not so fancily named 2nd Nineteen. If you haven’t done the math, 12 Healers + 7 Helpers = 19. Hence the name for the 3rd group.

The Twelve Healers are the first twelve Bach Flowers discovered. Dr. Bach believed that each person on Earth was represented in one of the healers. This may be considered a “constitutional” essence specific to the individual. As in most natural therapies, there’s no “one size fits all” mentality.

The seven Helpers are exactly that. Helpers for the Healer essence. If the Healer essence is given and there is minimal or no response to the therapy, one or more Helpers are added. They also stand alone and can be used independently of a Healer essence.

The picture to the right is Heather, a Helper essence. When someone who needs Heather is in a state of imbalance, they tend to present as someone who is self-absorbed. They are constantly talking and won’t let anyone get a word in. Their focus is on themselves and how everything affects them. They’re extremely needy, talk fast, close talkers (invade your personal space), and have been known to suck the energy out of the room.

When given Heather flower essence as well as any other that’s indicated, they become good listeners, self-sufficient and empathetic/understanding of others.


The 2nd Nineteen are essences that reflect our emotional responses to traumatic experiences. They’re used to help develop greater inner strength and to act as a catalyst to bring out the best of ourselves. One of my favorite in this group is Aspen.

When out of balance, people who need Aspen are seized by sudden fear. They’re worriers and prone to panic attacks, nightmares, anxiety attacks, trembling (like Aspen trees), and hyperventilating. It can be a safe and effective way to help children who struggle with nightmares or night terrors. 

When balanced, they are filled with inner peace, security, adventurous and desire new experiences. They are no longer held back by perceived danger or difficulties.

As you can imagine, what I’ve shared here is just a small sampling of the healing powers of Bach Flower essences. If you’d like to learn how flower essence therapy can improve your health and well-being, I invite you to schedule a complimentary health assessment with me. You can use the on-line scheduler at the bottom of the HOME page or call 617.678.4088 to speak with me directly. 

I’m excited about adding this valuable holistic therapy to my practice and look forward to sharing it with you!