Did you know that your thoughts impact your health?
This is true on so many levels. When we’re carrying a lot of strong emotions like anger and frustration, it decreases our immunity. 
But did you know that when you’re feeling angry and frustrated it also affects your pH levels? 
When it comes to health, everything is about balance. And maintaining a proper pH is super important. As an example, anger can make you more acidic. And sadness tends to create a more alkaline environment. 
I’m not saying we have to be happy all the time.
That isn’t balance either. 

Here’s the dealio: When we’re experiencing negative emotions for long periods of time, it can have a negative impact on our health. 

The next time you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, try these tips:

  • allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling
  • process the feelings (get professional help if you think you need it)
  • and then shift to what’s happening in the present moment — walking outside and tuning in to natural surroundings often helps

So whenever you can, do your best to be mindful of what’s on your mind!