To say we’re living in challenging times would be the understatement of this new decade. Like a lot of people, I’ve had moments of paralyzing fear over the past few weeks. Three people that I love dearly are battling cancer, the news is filled with anxiety provoking stories, food hoarding is rampant and we’re separated from family, friends and coworkers (clinically coined “social distancing”). And don’t even get me started on toilet paper shortages.
But through all this, I also have had many moments of hope and gratitude because I believe in what I’ve learned over the past 30 years. Namely the foundations of health: good food, good water, sleep, movement and faith.

I know these times can be scary. Mostly because what we’re confronted with is still unknown and what we do know seems to change quickly — which can foster anticipation anxiety. I’ll share a few things that I’ve been doing to change my anxious thoughts and help improve my outlook:

  • Foundations I mentioned this above. I can’t stress enough how important good water (1/2 your weight in ounces), healthy food, sleep, movement of any kind and keeping the faith can be to overall health. If it was the only thing we had in our toolbox, it would be enough. 

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping. This has been a huge help for me. It’s based on Traditional Chinese Medicine acupoints that release negative feelings and emotions. If you own a smart phone, I highly recommend the Tapping Solution by Nick and Jessica Ortner. They have a lot of free sessions and many that specifically address Covid-19. Or visit their website.
  • Staying Connected. My neighbor and I have started walking in the morning to get fresh air, exercise and just talk about what’s on our minds. I’ve also been face-timing my daughter and her family to check in on them and catch glimpses of their new puppy, Willa, running around like a whirling dervish!
  • Essential Oils are a great way to shift mood. The citrus oils tend to be the least expensive and are known for their mood elevating properties. Some of my favorites are wild orange, lime and lemon. And don’t forget lavender which is calming in nature and helps us get to sleep when we’re feeling uncertain or scared. Diffuse, apply topically (mixed with hand lotion or oil) or ingest (make sure the company you purchase from verifies the oils are pure like doTERRA or Young Living).  The oils can also be used to clean surfaces around the house. Just add about 20 drops to spray bottle of water.
  • Homeopathic Arsenicum 30c is a must have in our home during cold and flu season. Typically it’s only taken once a month from October through March/April but can be taken weekly during times of outbreaks. What I love about this remedy is it’s also used for people who are fearful about health, finances and worry about loved ones. You can purchase it at amazon or your local health food store. Another remedy to keep in your toolbox is homeopathic Aconite. It’s useful for quick onset of fever and sudden fright.
If you’re still feeling stuck and would like some personalized guidance on what you can be doing to improve your health and well-being, please consider scheduling a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation. I promise you’ll have a plan to help you navigate the added stress that we’ve all been feeling lately. 
It’s time to Take back your health!