Traditionally, the season of spring means growth, rebirth and the long awaited extended hours of daylight. We feel renewed and inspired to put our plans in motion. As Alexander Pope was famous for saying, “hope springs eternal.” 

or does it?

If spring is so wonderful, why do we sometimes feel irritable, resentful and frustrated?

According to Five Element Healing, statements like 


“Everyone else seems so happy, yet I feel jumpy and frustrated; something is wrong with me!”
are common.
Traditional Chinese Medicine follows the cycles of the seasons and attributes certain emotions to each season. Spring is associated with the emotions of anger, resentment and frustration. It’s known as the Wood Element and is associated with Liver energy.

If you consider the amount of energy it takes for a plant to burst forth from the seemingly dead and hardened ground of winter, it makes sense. The pressure of energy builds up within the plant before manifesting its full potential to become what it’s meant to be. We may experience this same build up in the form of strong emotions—some of us more than others.

If we had the patience to sit quietly and watch as things unfold, we’d probably breeze through many of life’s experiences. This is called balance. But our lifestyles don’t exactly foster this way of life. We value taking control of a situation, and we love to compete. We also love to win, and we want to be right. Our energy becomes unbalanced when this becomes a way of living rather than just a piece of the greater picture. 

If left unchecked, strong emotions push to the surface.

And then we become impatient, and critical of ourself or others. As mentioned, the emotion associated with the Wood Element is anger which is not to be discounted. Anger has its place in the cycles of our lives. It’s a natural reaction to stress, frustration or injustice. When it’s released in a healthy way, it’s like a thunderstorm that clears the air. It can ease tension and re-establish our equilibrium.

An excess of anger can escalate a problem resulting in irritability, outbursts and judging others too quickly. Without an outlet, it can also develop into rage and violence. 

Health concerns associated with unbalanced Wood energy are:
  • headaches and migraines
  • sciatica (the meridian where sciatica pain flows from buttocks down the outer side of the leg is the Liver/Wood channel)
  • hormonal imbalances (PMS, hot flashes)
  • digestive issues (stomach pains, acid reflux, irritable bowel)
  • high blood pressure
  • muscle tension
  • emotional outbursts that can hurt self and others
Ways to rebalance Wood (Liver) energy:
  • Water (preferably distilled)
  • Oxygen — deep, cleansing breaths throughout the day
  • Calcium — there are many types, let me know if you’re unsure
  • Vitamin A
  • Iron
  • Iodine
Lifestyle changes that also help:
  • Move — the liver likes movement because it helps detoxify and move energy within the body more easily
  • Clean out clutter — creating a calm space improves mood and well-being
  • Clean up your diet — reduce or eliminate foods that add to your toxic load (fried/fatty foods, sugar, junk food, too much alcohol, white flour)
  • Try something new — even if it feels scary, trying something new nurtures our Wood/Liver energy. Like the plant unfolding to new growth, we too can use such strong energetic forces for good

If you’re experiencing an imbalance in your Wood energy, try implementing a few of the suggestions above. If you feel like you could use more guidance, contact me for a complimentary consultation. I’m happy to recommend healthy options specific to your concerns.