“You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.” – Timber Hawkeye

As the pandemic continues there are still so many choices to make: Work from home, work at work, or a combination of both; kids were learning from home, some went back to school and some had a hybrid plan of the two. Parents have a lot more on their plates than ever before and are expected to keep calm and carry on.

Easier said than done. 

Every woman I speak to lately seems like she’s got it all under control, but I can see in her eyes that she’s afraid and tired and just waiting for it all to come crashing down. 


I can tell she’s worried about her kids and wonders if they learned what they needed during the school year. She knows which ones are able to adjust and which ones might fall through the cracks.  And when it comes to intimacy with her partner, that is pretty much non-existent.


She was in crisis mode before and now finds herself in survival mode. She can’t remember the last time she ate a meal sitting down. Add to that housework, food shopping, bill paying, and the pet that’s a recent addition to the family and I can see why she’s expecting the whole thing to fall apart. Does any of this ring true for you?

I’m sure the very idea of taking time for yourself seems highly unlikely—maybe even crazy right now. But that’s exactly what’s needed. There is no way to keep going without putting gas in your own tank. Consider taking a small step if taking on something new feels a bit overwhelming right now.

Here’s a few things I try to do when all I have is a few minutes to myself:

  • Diffuse essential oils to help balance mood and invoke a sense of peace. Lavender is a tried and true oil, but also consider Clary Sage. It’s the oil of clarity and vision — something we’re all wanting more of these days. It can eliminate distractions from the mind and increases the ability to visualize and imagine new possibilities. It also helps when you’re feeling discouraged. If you don’t have a diffuser, dab a few drops on your wrists, neck, and bottom of your feet.
  • Listen to an uplifting podcast. This not only changes my pattern of thinking to more positive things, but it’s also a form of self-care that I can do while doing other things like driving or cleaning the house. Some of my favorite podcast channels are The Good Life Project, Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us, The Melissa Ambrosini Show, and Joel Osteen, and Jill Sylvester. The more I listen to positive talk, the easier it is to shift my perspective when things start going downhill.
  • Get moving. The minute I start feeling overwhelmed, I get up and move my body. Moving changes our physiology and shifts our frame of mind. Tony Robbins is famous for teaching people to change their state by moving while thinking about what they want for their lives. So get up, get moving and change your state of mind.

Whatever your stress level these days, remember that you don’t have to keep piling things on without taking something away. As Oprah is famous for saying, “No is a complete sentence.” Get ok with letting go of something even if it’s something you used to enjoy doing. And do something for yourself. It’s the very best way to keep calm and carry on.


If you’d like a little help to get you started, I invite you to schedule a free Discovery Session with me. It would be my pleasure to help you on your wellness journey!