28 Day Meal Planner




Bored with eating the same meals over and over? Want to kick the junk food habit?

EAT REAL and experience delicious meals that IMPROVE YOUR ENERGYhelp you ACHIEVE YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT and a build a POWERFUL IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Here’s a peak at what’s inside:

  • complete 28-Day EAT REAL Meal Plan that includes recommended breakfasts, lunches, dinners and optional snacks
  • Over 65 delicious whole food recipes from around the world that are easy to prepare and taste delicious
  • Real Food Guidelines to help you identify real whole food that nourishes you
  • What to avoid at the grocery store, including information on common additives and why you want to eliminate them from your diet
  • A handy Grocery Shopping List / Menu Planner Worksheet to keep you organized, and get in and out of the grocery store fast
  • Free 30 minute breakthrough strategy phone consultation to help you create a plan for your health goals

After payment you will be redirected to the download.  If you have any problems, please contact me. 


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